Starbuxxx music video now out on YouTube. Go grab a cup of coffee and check it out. Also Available on iTunes and Spotify!



Hey guys, Staimusic just featured me on their website! It's a free music streaming service where you can discover new music and listen to high quality playlists. Check my profile here!



Hi guys just the news that album is out and for them to go check out the new video for Best Damn Party!


Website News

DANIEL NOW HAS A WEBSITE. Hey guys do you want to know what Daniel is up too? He now has a website where you can keep up with him and all his adventures.

Go to once you are there you will see a dirt road and some trees but don't worry just follow me, I will lead you to DANIEL.

He's waiting for you.


Monster New single

Hey guys its DANIEL, have you ever had a bad roommate or someone that took advantage of you? if yes you're not alone.
Check out my new song MONSTER from my new album coming out this fall available on Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes. I wrote it to share my experience on being taken advantage of with others.

Some people will try and bring you down till you're left broke with bugs in your coffee, this is when you must stand up and show them you will not take it anymore. MONSTER.



They kept messing with me until one day I decided I wasn't gonna take it anymore.

Check out the new music video for my song MONSTER to see what happens.